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Servicio al cliente / English version

¡Nuestros actores son magníficos!

Todos nuestros actores son nativos provenientes de Reino Unido y Estados Unidos. Tienen una gran experiencia tanto en las artes escénicas como en educación además de mucha ilusión de llevar teatro en ingles a todos los rincones del mundo. La galería de fotos y sus biografías siguen a continuación.

todos escritor/a director/a actor/actriz
Paolo Abbate

Nacido en Washington, D.C., este mozuelo costilludo comenzó a actuar en el hospital a la edad de tres días cuando cambió de cuna con otro bebé para consequir otra ronda de mamar. Desde entonces ha tenido una carrera deslumbrante, asombrando públicos en el Centro Memorial de la Comunidad de Tuscaloosa y en la Feria Agrícola del Condado de Fairfax. La fama le obligó a huir de las enloquecedoras muchedumbres de admiradoras americanas para una vida más sobria de las gentes pastorales de la meseta ibérica. En algún momento de su trayectoria conseguió una licenciatura en literatura inglesa, además de graduarse de la escuela de interpretación. Ha estado en España durante más de 10 años actuando con compañías españolas tanto como dando clases de inglés. En 1997 fundó la Up Front Theatre Company en Valencia con Stephane Shaw, haciendo teatro en inglés para estudiantes de inglés alrededor de España. Tras más de 500 actuaciones exitosas con Up Front, los dos han emprendido una compañía "nueva y mejorada" llamada Face 2 Face, basada en Madrid.

Michelle Botwood

Michelle graduated from Montfort University with a BA (Hons) in performing arts in 2006 and has been acting professionally ever since. Before coming to Spain, Michelle has performed in Germany, Holland, Japan, Canada and the UK. This will be her third year with Face2Face.

Paul Christakopoulos

Paul trained at "The Actor Works" drama school in the heart of London. Since then he has performed on the London fringe in plays and musicals. His favourite show is "The Little Shop of Horrors" which he has been lucky enough to perform in twice. A dabbler in the London stand up comedy scene, his feature film debut was as a crazed, gut-eating zombie. He looks forward to his adventures in Spain with Face 2 Face.

Beth Cohen

Beth is half English and half Australian. She studied Music and Drama in Manchester, England, and has been working with F2F since 2004. When not acting, Beth likes to play flamenco guitar and take her horse, 'Garbancito', to El Rocío.

Rebecca Evans

Rebecca has a BA HONs in Theatre Arts from Derby University. She has toured in the UK, Ireland, Germany and France. Rebecca has performed as a dancing monkey, a scientist, an obese American, and a princess. Her hobbies include reading, Zumba, and sleeping. Coming from a working class family; her mother is a gardener and her father is a mechanic, as an actor Rebecca is a disappointment.

Andy Glaysher

Andy nació en España, e hizo los estudios secundarios y universitarios en Estados Unidos. Fundó y dirigió los Open Air Players, una compañía de teatro clásico que llevaba las obras de Shakespeare y otros dramaturgos clásicos al aire libre, donde típicamente no había teatro. También ha trabajado mucho con otras compañías de teatro y colegios en Wisconsin, EE.UU. Volvió a vivir en España hace diez años para trabajar para Face 2 Face, después de que su gran amigo Trevor Van Galder tuvo el brillante presagio de presentarle a Stephane Shaw.

Desde entonces ha visto como ha crecido la compañía con su inestimable aportación de ideas y buen hacer. Lleva los ultimos 5 años trabajando en los mas prestigiosos teatros de Madrid. Otros intereses incluyen hacer pinturas de óleo y tocar la batería.

Melanie Greaney

This is Mel's first F2F tour, about which she is immensely excited and can't wait to get stuck in. In the words of Busy Bee "If I knew you were coming I would of worn my wings".

Melanie Trained at Colchester Institute (CIU) and The London School of Musical Theatre (LSMT) Theatre credits : Postcards from the seaside (Tour), Aladdin (UK and Ireland Tour), Robinson Crusoe (Tour), Bare (Union theatre), Carnival (Bridewell Theatre), Mr Christmas (LSMT studios), Colder than Here (LSMT studios), Sideshow (Swinburne Hall), Teechers\ Stags & Hens (Headgate Theatre), Sweeney Todd (Mercury Theatre), Footloose (Mercury Theatre), Secrets every smart traveller should know (Headgate Theatre), I love you, you're perfect, now change (Colchester Institute).

Concerts: 'An evening with Charles Miller' (Battersea Barge), Songs (The Reading Rooms). Television: Harold Shipman (Channel 5 Documentary).

Thomas Hassell

Tom has always been a child at heart, he studied theatre in Stratford Upon Avon where he learnt to love the arts, especially comedy and improvisation. Through university he found himself in the heart of children's theatre where he felt he definitely belonged. Being the youngest on tour he still has that bottled up youthful energy ready to burst for a fun crazy spanish tour. Tom is really happy that he has become part of face2face's team. So happy he might explode!

Sandy King

Sandy was born in a storm in the West of England. Since then he has been a giant camel, a walking Fridge, a knight in shining armour, a bad cowboy, a star-crossed lover, a London gangster or two, half a donkey, the White Witch's dwarf, King of the Fairies and the Sherrif of Nottingham. Now he spends his life between Spain, England and Italy, pretending to know what's going on. This is his second year with Face2Face and he's very happy to be back.

Lisa Krosnicki

Lisa Krosnicki nació en Wisconsin, EEUU, donde se licenció en Teatro. Mientras estudiaba, desarrolló aún más su talento con Open Air Players, actuando en obras clásicas en espacios teatrales urbanos menos tradicionales. Antes de venir a España para trabajar con Face 2 Face, vivió en Chicago, actuando con compañías como el Shakespeare on the Green y Redmoon Theatre. Lisa está certificada en la educación 'Montessori' y tiene más de 15 años de experiencia realizando teatro infantil y talleres. Es la Directora del Summer Camp de Face 2 Face, inmersion en inglés total para niños de 5 a 16 años, desde el año 2011. Ha hecho papeles memorables como 'Lucy' en Drockula, 'Dr. Frankenstien' en Monster Madness y 'Mrs. Vandermorgan' en Titanic, entre muchos más. Actualmente, actúa en Line de Israel Horovitz en el Teatro Off de La Latina.

Jordan Larkin

Jordan is a freelance performer and musician, he graduated from the University of Leeds in 2015, where he set up Forget About The Dog Theatre Company. He has recently returned from performing their second show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace. During his degree he performed in OddManOut's Weather To Fly and since graduating he has worked with Frantic Assembly, workshopping Northumberland Theatre Company's upcoming productions and then toured in their production of Little Red Riding Hood & Other Stories. Toured in North East of England in Enact Solutions production, Destination Success and performed in Sue, a Short Film with Ravensbourne, supported by Macmillan and Hospice in the Weald. Jordan is excited to eat his weight in tapas while still probably losing some from sweating in the spanish sun. Vamos!... He's also hoping to learn more of the Spanish language.

John Lowery

John first got into acting when he saw Indiana Jones and told his Dad "I want to do what he does", "what, archeology?", he said, "NO, ACTING!"

He has been performing since an early age, from Shakespeare to musical theatre. He got his first professional acting break when he became a member of the National Youth Theatre at the age of 15, and from there went on to performing shows in the West End and National Theatre. He fell into children's entertainment when he was performing Shakespeare in Leicester and was spotted by the owner of Drayton Manor Theme Park. He was introduced to performing shows, workshops and general entertainment for kids and family in the Thomas the Tank Engine Land. Alongside his new found kids entertainment career he worked as a recording artist in London writing, performing, and releasing singles on iTunes.

He has now found Face 2 Face and is looking forward to his sunny future in Madrid!

Faye Morrison

Faye graduated from Rose Bruford Drama School with a BA (Hons) in 2006 and has been acting ever since. She's had a varied career including touring the UK with rep company Say Two performing 28 different plays in just one year! Faye is also a director and her work has taken her all over the world, she has directed A Midsummer Night's Dream in Siberia and Romeo and Juliet in Sicily as well as being a Youth Director at the Rose Theatre in Kingston, London. In her spare time, Faye's second love is travel, only preceded by her first love, her cat; Transformers.

Lauren Newman

Lauren graduated from the University of Chichester where she studied for a First Class BA in Musical Theatre. She has been performing in English national pantomime tours and more recently spent a year performing in Greece. In her spare time she likes to teach Zumba, dance Salsa and be a Disney princess. Lauren is a real life explorer and loves to travel the world. She is the tallest of this years actresses! Her credits include: Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty (M&M Theatrical Productions), Fairy Godmother/Ugly Stepsister in Cinderella (M&M Theatrical Productions), Sophie in Mamma Mia (Mitsis Blue Domes Productions), Ms Harcourt in Anything Goes (Uni Chichester Tour) and Leading Player in Pippin (Uni Chichester).

Hannah Robinson

Hannah, born and raised in the North East of England moved to London in 2009 in pursuit of professional training and the opportunity to travel. She got a degree in Drama from Kingston University which included an incredible year studying abroad in North Carolina, USA.

After graduating from Kingston, she studied Musical Theatre for a year at KSA Performing Arts. Hannah has had a variety of jobs in children's theatre and pantomimes, as well as teaching drama, dance and singing for 4-12 year olds. Hannah was incredibly excited to take the opportunity to live and perform in Spain, travel the country and learn a new language!

Stephane Shaw

Nacido en París, criado en Londres, y residente de España durante los últimos ocho años, este verdadero europeo ha estado trabajando en el teatro durante muchos años. Tras estudiar en la Universidad de Oxford, se trasladó a España para impartir sus conocimientos inagotables de la lengua inglesa a estudiantes españoles de todas edades. Sin embargo fue contratado rápidamente por una compañia de teatro en inglés (Moving Parts) y no ha vuelto a mirar hacia atrás desde entonces. Durante los años ha trabajado con varias compañías compañías de habla inglesa profesionales. Esta experiencia inestimable fue de gran ayuda cuando fundó la compañía Up Front Theatre Company en 1997, la cual viajaba por España durante tres años creando una excelente reputación para sí. Ahora ha vuelto a Madrid para emprender todavía otro proyecto: Face 2 Face Theatre Company.

Tonya Walton

Tonya has a BA in Drama, Theatre Studies and Spanish, with further training from SOTA and The London Actors Workshop.

She has performed in shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, in Musical Theatre and TV & Film.

Tonya returns to Face2Face for a second year, having just finished playing Cordelia and The Fool in King Lear, for the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival.

Lisa Wordsworth

Lisa is from the southwest of England where she recently graduated with a BA Hons degree in Acting. Her hobbies include running, music festivals and eating any food that crosses her path. She has experience in various forms of theatre and is looking forward to touring around different parts of sunny Spain! She is also hoping that she will have learnt the Spanish lingo as well by the end of the tour.