basic features

  • multilingual: English and Spanish currently available

  • universal access to the application for multiple users from any web-connected computer

  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed

  • high-speed delivery of each page

  • easy-to-use interface with abundant help documentation embedded into the program

  • tiered access to your information: guest users, third-party sales agents, actors and other cast members, internal sales staff, and administrators

advanced features

  • manage your complete address book -- leads, customers, suppliers, vendores, etc.

  • compatibility with vCard and iCalendar formats

  • smart call and correspondence management to keep in close touch with all your leads and customers

  • targeted mass mailings for your publicity, bookings confirmations, and any other communication type via e-mail, fax, and mail

  • Google maps integration: find your customers and guide your actors to their shows

  • excellent search capabilities for quickly finding what your're looking for: previous customers, new market sectors to leverage, bookings per time period, etc.

  • sophisticated graphical analysis of everything in your database, including historical trends, interactive maps, geographical breakdown of calls made, etc.

  • organize your calendar of upcoming shows and reservations

  • enter your repertoire of plays and view income and sales analysis for each

  • relate any multimedia files to your contacts, shows, gigs, etc.

  • comprehensive on-item accounting system for highly-detailed tracking income and expenses

  • billing

  • per-season promotion cycles


  • monthly and yearly subscriptions available

  • territorial exclusivity available per country in Spain and the Americas, per state in the United States, and per province in Canada

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