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3rd grade, secondary - 2nd year, high school

  • Incredible!

    82,224 people have seen "Action!" since it was first performed for an audience in November, 2006. Really.

  • Can you believe it?!

    We've performed "Action!" in 48 different provinces of España.

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    You can use our website to look for upcoming shows in your area and request reservations for your students.


3rd grade, secondary - 2nd year, high school

The History of Cinema according to Face 2 Face: Action! is a visual and cinematographic show where verbal and gestual humour and the evocative power of music are the tools used to represent and parody the most famous scenes from the world of film. The actors recreate the magic of cinema taking on an infinity of parts and provoking countless hilarious and surreal situations. The audience are introduced to scenes of action, romance, drama and suspense from films that we all know and love as well as sstudying phrases and dialogues from some of the most famous films in movie history.