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3rd grade, primary - 6th grade, primary

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    We've performed "Tarzan" in 51 different provinces of España.

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    325,308 people have seen "Tarzan" since it was first performed for an audience in April, 2004. Really.

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3rd grade, primary - 6th grade, primary

An aeroplane crashes in the middle of the jungle. The only survivor is a small boy who is adopted by monkeys. The boy grows up to become Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. Meanwhile Jane Goodall, a nature-loving documentary maker, and her fiancée, Archibald Porter III the hunter are on an expedition in the jungle. Tarzan\'s best friend Cheetah is kidnapped and taken to London. Inspired in Edgar Rice Burroughs famous series of novels this new comic adventure tells the story of how Tarzan is taken us from the deepest African jungle to Timbuktu. Will he save Cheetah? Will Tarzan be civilised? Will Jane find true love? Find out more as Face 2 Face take the audience on the safari of a life time where we meet a host of animals from elephants to monkeys.In this show vocabulary realted to animals, food and clothes are studied along with prepostition and the tenses present simple and present continuous.